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Success Stories

VP Product - Series A

Simply put: you are leaving money on the table if you don’t work with EquityAPI during your contract negotiation. I received an employment offer from a business I had been contracting with, and the team at EquityAPI was with me every step of the way as I negotiated the terms of my employment and compensation. They helped me negotiate a 37% equity increase from my original offer as well as terms that will protect that stake in the event of a change in ownership. I am not very knowledgeable about startup valuations, equity, or grant agreements, but EquityAPI was incredibly patient and worked with me to understand the nuances of every detail. Beyond contract negotiation, their team also helped me understand the short- and long-term implications of that equity. EquityAPI has put me in the best possible position for success. I can’t say enough good things about their team and recommend their services to every individual and startup I work with.

Founder & CTO, B Corp App - Early Stage Series B

"EquityAPI has been my go-to strategic advisor for all things related to equity compensation and fundraising for the last 3 years.  Thanks to the guidance I received, I was able to successfully navigate my equity plan as a Director at a large International technology company.  Through the strategy we created, I was able to protect my equity compensation from unnecessary tax liabilities and other shortcomings if I didn't utilize EquityAPI's guidance.  Now, I am working with EquityAPI to structure a next-generation ownership model for my team at my new company.  I feel fortunate to have a great partner to work with to develop a strategy our whole team feels great about." 

CCO, Consumer Tech Product "Unicorn"

"EquityAPI has been there, not only during my last two career transitions, but also every step of the way with my current role.  During the last transition to my current role (SVP to CCO), EquityAPI assisted during the negotiation process in multiple ways.  First, through negotiations, I was able to secure a 33% increase in the equity offer, as well as structured the deal to be more stock heavy versus options based on the stage/risk of the company.  Second, EquityAPI added a corporate housing solution, which helped keep my growing family (spouse and baby daughter) in the comfort of our home, and saved nearly $100K/year in additional housing costs.  Lastly, as my company went through a complex equity transaction that had wide ranging implications, EquityAPI was able to quickly understand the effects of this transaction and provided the education and guidance for my existing equity grants as well as the additional compensation vehicles introduced as part of the transaction.  When it comes to equity compensation, I have the absolute confidence in EquityAPI to help negotiate and navigate future career transitions."

CMO, Dating App "Unicorn"

"EquityAPI has helped me through two employment transitions.  Through both transitions, I utilized EquityAPI's expertise ensuring I wasn't leaving any equity on the table during negotiations, and that I was taking advantage of certain structures associated with my equity.  EquityAPI's advice netted me hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional value, as well as significant reduction in tax liability.  If there is anyone that knows equity compensation and executive employment, it's EquityAPI."

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