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At EquityAPI, we start with the Basics.  Our Digital Content Library will provide you with the Toolkit to not only understand a variety of concepts in Equity Compensation, but also provide you decision making confidence with your Equity grants, and ensuring you know the full implications of what your decision means.  You can't have that confidence without the education and knowledge, and we provide both.

With our background in professional athletics, we saw significant value created utilizing the expertise and negotiating prowess of our agents.  When you are being offered 6-figure, 7-figure, and 8-figure Equity grants, you are earning the same compensation as some of your favorite athletes and entertainers  


Why then, has this negotiating expertise been relegated to Athletes and Entertainers? 


EquityAPI changes that.  We enable you to accrue your full value as a professional.  Our team employs deep and experienced knowledge and experience in placing clients at new positions at multiples of value over the original offer sheets. 

For Founders, you should not be confronted with a choice between a "patchwork" solution of utilizing professionals from Legal, HR and Finance to manage your equity plan with varying Equity Compensation experience OR hiring a full-time Equity Plan administrator with all of the associated overhead.

Why not have a low-overhead Equity Plan expert instead?

EquityAPI assists early stage companies design, build and administer their Equity Compensation plans with a low-overhead solution set, ensuring your Equity Plan runs smoothly and efficiently so you can focus on growing your organization.  



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EquityAPI - Welcome Video

EquityAPI - Welcome Video

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