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We offer three services that can assist you in your journey to not only understand

Equity Compensation, but also provide you the confidence to act to

advance your career and organization


Want a more thorough understanding of your Equity Compensation grant?

Unsure of what the difference is between exercising a Non-Qualified Stock Option or an Incentive Stock Option and how it affects you?


With EquityAPI's streaming digital video education library and daily podcasts, you can build your knowledge base anytime, anywhere.



Looking for a partner to level the playing field during the recruiting process?

Want to ensure you aren't leaving equity on the table during your next career move?

With our expertise and thorough analysis, we can drive additional value as your

Career Agent


Developing an Equity Compensation plan or looking for a partner to manage your existing Equity plan as your organization grows?

Want to ensure that you stay a step ahead of your competition for high-level talent with an innovative and rewarding Equity plan?

We can assist with design, development, implementation and administration of all your Equity plan needs.

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