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Start-Up/Early Stage Companies

Consultative and Educational Services for Start-up and Early Stage Companies

Launch Team provides a specific solution set to assist in the Design or Implementation of your equity compensation plan.  Launch Team provides extensive on-site collaboration with Legal, Finance and HR to coordinate equity plan design, recommendations to the executive team and equity plan implementation.  Launch Team provides on-site employee education through Educational Town Halls and 1-on-1 employee meetings.  Launch Team is designed for one to four week engagements.

Access provides an ongoing partnership, including complete equity plan administration.  Access provides monthly or quarterly on-site visits for ongoing plan design and strategy with Legal, HR and Finance as well as employee education.  Employees receive Complimentary Access to EquityAPI's digital content, company-specific Equity Plan educational content, as well as the ability to schedule 1-on-1 meetings.  For all Access clients, the Launch Team service is included, Complimentary.


Access is your solution to save additional overhead from hiring an in-house Equity Plan Administrator and frees up your Legal, Finance and HR teams' time and energy from day-to-day plan administration tasks.  Access is designed to be open-ended and we strive remain a trusted partner through every stage of growth in your company.

Launch Team

Companies looking for a specific solution for your equity compensation plan


Companies looking for continued partnership in the design, implementation and administration of your equity compensation plan

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